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Our Mission

We are the ultimate resource partner for Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our mission is to empower the growth and success of SMEs by making technology accessible and affordable.

Company Background

NorthLight Consulting and Services Pte Ltd started in 2013, giving assistance and consultancy to SMEs by finding government grants and funding. In 2014, the company diversified into the development of Digital Marketing Services, E-commerce websites, and other software solutions. At the peak of our growth in 2014, we delivered some 200 websites/ ecommerce sites in just 6 months. This growth is possible only with the support of our strategic partners like Uniqix, ViewQwest, Singapore Institute Of Retail Studies (SIRS), Association of Small & Medium Enterprise (ASME).

Northlight also has the fastest-growing Associate Program in Singapore, with over 300 associates connecting us to SMEs acrossthecity state.  Find out more about our program here.

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